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New 80kmh Speed Limits in France

What speed is 80 kilometres per hour (80kph) in miles per hour (mph)? 49.7mph is the new reduced speed limit...

New German Winter Tyre Regulations January 1, 2018

Planning a trip to Germany this winter? Before you purchase new winter tyres, make sure they meet the new regulations introduced on January 1, 2018.

Low Emission Zones (LEZ) in Europe

You’ve planned your trip, packed the car, caravan or motorhome, then you’ve heard about Low Emission Zones. The question is: Do these apply to you and how can you still travel where you want on holiday?

Travel Germany by Campervan: Using the Bord Atlas Stellplatze Guide

Customer and Airehead Pauline Porter describes her fantastic experience travelling Germany in her campervan with Reise Mobil Bord Atlas as her guide. Not only did she have a fantastic time, but she managed to do it for only €3.25 per day.