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Audible warning device for low 12v volt starter battery
Gunson smart battery alert 77119 12v battery monitoring
Gunson smart 12v starter battery alert 77119 5018341771195

Smart Battery Alert

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Starter battery monitor for motorhomes, campervans and classic cars

Wouldn't it be nice to be reminded when your classic camper, car or motorhome battery needed to be charged during winter lay-up, or when SORN. The Gunson battery alert system will beep every 10 seconds when the starter battery falls below 12.2 volts, letting you know that you need to hook up or go for a drive to recharge it.12.2 volts is the trigger point because lead acid batteries deteriorate quickly if full charge is not maintained.

Before you park up for winter, fit a battery alert system

The Gunson Smart Battery Alert couldn't be simpler to fit. It sits on the top or side of the vehicle's battery and connects to the battery terminals. Cable ties are provided to secure it in place. Once fitted it constantly monitors the vehicle's battery and warns you when the voltage falls below the recommended level, giving you plenty of time to act before the battery is too low for starting the engine.

Monitor the charge state of caravan leisure batteries during winter

The Gunson smart battery alert can be used on all types of 12v deep cycle leisure batteries, including gel. Disconnect the Gunson battery alert system during habitation because the alarm would annoy you.

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