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Le Guide Officiel Aires de Services Camping Car 2020

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The Guide Officiel Aires de Services Camping-Car, translates to 'The Official Guide to Motorhome Areas of Service'. was produced only in French by Camping-Car magazine.

How many aires in France are listed in the Le Guide Officiel Aires de Services Camping-Car compared to All the Aires France?

Compared to All the Aires France 4th edition, which lists 3944 official motorhome Aires in France, this French guide introduction states 5600 addresses in France and 820 in other European countries. Further on a figure of 5558 places in France welcome camping cars at either traditional Aires or service areas located inside campsites. You can see that there are a lot of campsites listed in the look inside pages.

How Le Guide Officiel Aires de Services France works

The entries are written in French in black and white text written in French and none have photos. Navigating the guide book is easy if you know the 89 regions and departments of France, although these are all numbered and named.

All of the information provided in written in French and includes: services offered, water (eau), toilet emptying (wc chemiques), electric (220V), number of places, opening times, cost (if any), as well as symbols to show local activities and shops, etc. The "localisation" (location) is given e.g. the road name or number or something like Place du champ-de-foire, which most likely will be signed through the village.

The entries are numbered on the maps but not in sequence. The numbers are are only useful when using the index or looking at the listings. The alphabetical index at the front lists the French Aires and other listings under the local town name. A map reference is given (i.e. F8) and the department number. The departments are in numerical order, 1-89, which has no bearing on where they are geographically (i.e. department 1 is in eastern France and department 2 is on Corsica). Department numbers and names are printed at the top of each page. Town names are listed alphabetically in each department.

The mapping is for France only and is adequate for the planning task, but should not be used for navigation. The Aires and campsites are marked by numbers on the mapping and town names are listed close by.

Stopovers and campsites in other countries

Switzerland, Germany, Spain and Italy are included, but these have only been listed with very brief information written in French. None have GPS coordinates.

Travel with the best motorhome Aires information for Europe

See All the Aires Spain and Portugal as a better guide to Spanish and Portuguese Aires. Italian Aree di Sosta Guida Camperlife as an alternative, and better, Aires guide for Italy. Better and more comprehensive information for Europe is given in both Camperstop and the Bord Atlas.

Who should buy this guide?

If you are a native French speaker and are looking for a basic guide to transit briefly through France, this guide is adequate. If you are looking for a thorough guide to motorhome Aires in France, you should buy All the Aires France which provides highly detailed and relevant information written in English, lists nearly 1,000 more Aires - each one having been inspected, with two photographs and GPS coordinates for every Aire. If you are looking for a guide to the French municipal campsites, Every Campsite in France contains all of these.

This guide is ideal for people with a grasp of French language who want a general overview of all kinds of stopovers in France, be it campsites, Aires or general parking areas.


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