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Every Campsite in France 2020

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The publisher claims "Every campsite in France without exception is listed here in Le Guide Officiel Camping and Caravaning". With 8975 campsites listed, including all French municipal sites, as well as Aire Naturelle and farm sites, this is the only French campsite guide you need. With the Covid-19 crisis affecting european travel, we have plenty of the 2020 editions to sell. Therefore we will not be stocking the 2021 edition.

Written in French but easy to use. The how-to and symbols key pages have English German and Dutch translations.

The 2020 official guide Camping and Caravanning in France details 8975 classified camping parks in France, which includes all of the municipal campsites. There are also rural camping sites, including French aire naturelle campsites, which are simple, relaxed municipal parks found in rural locations and only open for a few months during summer. This French campsite book also includes farm camping campsites, many of which will also be in the 'Bienvenue a la Ferme' scheme.

This French Campsite guide book was previously published by The MOTOR PRESSE FRANCE Group, Move Publishing and now RegiCamp, in partnership with the Federation Francaise de Camping Caravaning (FFCC) and is updated every year. 

How does Le Guide Officiel Camping Caravaning France work?

This guide is easy to understand, even though it is written in French however a grasp of French would be an advantage. That being said, both the key to the symbols and the explanation of an entry are written in English, as well as French, German and Dutch. 

French Campsite Mapping

The 15 map pages at the front identify the campsites and the local town names. Blue tents identify campgrounds. The overview mappage 45 allows you to easily find the mapping for specific regions or departments of France.

List of French Campsites

The index lists campsites alphabetically by local town name with the map number, grid reference, department number and page number (i.e. SANTE LUCE SUR LOIRE 5-F5 (44).....372). A blue dot by the town name indicates that the town has a campsite which is open all year.

Finding French campsites

Directions are very brief, giving the road number and direction to drive from the listed town. French campsites are extremely well signed, so finding them is normally easy.  GPS coordinates are included, in the format Lat: 44º 25' 42''N Long: 4º 21' 11''E.

Municipal and farm camping sites in France

Rural and town campsites are differentiated in the listings. Campsite names highlighted in green are rural and those in yellow are more urban.

Municipal sites all have Camping Municipal listed in the entry name, but they can be green or yellow. Also identified are farm sites and aire naturelle, these are less formal municipal camping areas with basic facilities.

Entry format

The entries are broken up by town name, which are written in red with the map number, grid reference, brief location information (i.e. 37km east of Largentiere), and postcode. Under the town names are all the campsites in or near that town.

The campsite entries start with the campsite name and classification, where available. Symbols denote what facilities are available. Opening dates, telephone numbers, email and web addresses are also provided where available. Many holiday parks have websites so advanced research can be undertaken.

Prices are broken down into components: unit, people, electric, other costs. Where available, GPS coordinates are given and any discount is listed (i.e. long-stay, FFCC membership offers, Stop accueil camping-car). Entries that have a yellow or green background offer discounts to FFCC members, but are open to all.

Ski campsites (le Caravaneige), town parking and stop accueil camping car (reduced cost overnight motorhome stopovers) are listed in the back. 

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