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Front cover of The most Beautiful Villages of France 2020 by Beaux Villages scheme
Gargllesse Dampierre Plus Beaux Village  France 9782081508286
Hell-Bourg plus beaux village de France 9782081508286
Gourdes plus beaux village de France 9782081508286
Barfleur plus beaux village de France 9782081508286
Montsoreau plus beaux village de France 9782081508286
Map of the plus beaux villages de france the most beautiful villages in France 9782081508286
Ainhoa plus beaux village de France 9782081508286

Most Beautiful Villages of France The Official Guide

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Where are the most beautiful villages in France?

There are 157 delightful French villages to discover by motorhome or car that have been recognised as Les Plus Beaux Villages de France and published in the official guide by Flammarion. Published April 200. ISBN:9782081508286

Some of the villages are tiny hamlets that can be fully explored in under an hour making them great places to stop for lunch as you tour France by motorhome. These charming French villages are like living open air museums that are spread all over France

Some of the bigger villages, often nearer to main routes, have vast parking areas and some have dedicated motorhomes Aires because Plus Beaux Villages are popular places to visit for French camping car owners. Every year we inspect more and more of the most beautiful village parking areas that have allocated camper van day parking. They play havoc with our inspection schedules because we cannot help but go and have a wander around. It's a tough life being an French Aires Inspector.
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Many of the historic and beautiful French villages have survived modernisation because they are located off the beaten track, but that does not mean that they are inaccessible by large motorhomes. Busses the size of RVs often service these quaint little hamlets, but it is important to choose the best route in and out on your road atlas because the directions in the official guidebook are too basic, although a small map on each entry identifies the rough location.

Should you carry a copy of The Most Beautiful Villages of France in your motorhome?

Without hesitation yes, as long as you are going motorhoming in France. If not put it on your coffee table until the next time you are traveling to or through France. Your friends will be so jealous when you tell them about the sights and smells of the narrow streets that lead you to an awesome view over endless French countryside.

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Need a map?

See our selection of Regional Sheet Maps for France that cover all of the French regions covered in les plus beaux villages de France

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