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All the Aires France North 5th Edition
All the Aires France North 5th Edition
All the Aires France North 5th Edition
All the Aires France North 5th Edition
All the Aires France North 5th Edition

All the Aires France North 5th Edition

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All the Aires France North 2024 by Vicarious Books

Save £10 and buy both books together. Or buy the South book on is own. As the name suggests, All the Aires France North maps and details all 1940 dedicated motorhome stopovers in northern France. It is the only complete French Aires de services guide book available in English. The guidebook enables you to make an informed choice about where to stop and where to stay overnight during your motorhome or campervan tours in the northern half of France.

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See an independent review of All the Aires France by Roland from Motorhome Planet
Excerpt: All the Aires France is still just as great as it always was. It’s a bit bigger and a bit older (just like the rest of us!), but like a good French wine, it’s improved with age.

All the nearby Aires fall on the same page. This makes it easier to cross reference and select an Aire within an area... Motorway Aires are marked with a letter on the Aires map and are found in a list at the rear of the book. 278 LPG stations are also listed at the rear of the book.

Included with the book is an All the Aires France fold out route planning map. There are great advantages in having this map because you can see half of France on each side, thus making route planning and French Aires selection easy. The Locator Map has colour-coded regions and all of the Aires in the regions are numbered from 1. The motorway service are also marked on the planning map.

Aires France updates

Updates we receive from customers are published on our blog so you can check before your trip to see if any Aires in southern France have changed. You can also submit your own changes and updates to aires@vicariousbooks.co.uk

All the Aires France has been researched and published by Vicarious Media.

This is not a translation but is inspected and written by Vicarious Media and is the most comprehensive and up to date Aires guide for France available in any language.  Each inspected French Aire has two accompanying colour images, concise directions with road names, numbers and postcodes, and GPS co-ordinates (POIs) in format: N51°04.896' E001°10.977' that were taken onsite. To assist you in choosing the right Aire in France, service points and parking areas are described, and there are comments about desirability and local amenities including information on: distances to nearby towns, shops and restaurants, green spaces for exercising dogs and children, opportunities for fishing, walking, cycling, and local places of interest.

A note from Chris and Meli, the editors and inspectors

For two decades we have been inspecting the Aires of Northern France. We have toured the entire coast, the Loire Valley and everything in between. Over the years have visited nearly every Aire in this guide! We tell you want, and need, to know. This book will enable you to make informed choices as you travel around France in your motorhomes and camper vans.  We hope you will delve off the beaten trail and explore more of France with this motorhoming guide.

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