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Stop caravan seat cushions getting damp and mouldy with BedAirer mattress underlay.
Stop caravan seat cushions getting damp and mouldy with BedAirer mattress underlay.
Stop caravan seat cushions getting damp and mouldy with BedAirer mattress underlay.
Condensation in caravans can cause the seat cushions to become wet, and smell of damp and mildew.
Night sweats mattress topper helps keep you cool during fevers, hot spells and menopause hot flushes
Motorhomes suffer condensation under the seat cushions, BedAire stops damp and mildew.
BedAirer mattress condensation control in boats, motorhomes & caravans
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BedAirer mattress condensation control in boats, motorhomes & caravans

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How to stop condensation build up under your mattress or seat cushions

BedAirer™ mattress underlay controls condensation by creating a 10mm air-gap between the bed base and the bottom of the mattress or caravan seat cushions. Your movement causes the warm moist air to bellow sideways and out from under your bed.Simply fit a BedAirer anti condensation mat to keep your bedding ship shape in your caravan, house, boat or motorhome.

BedAirer comes pre-cut in 6 traditional bed widths all of which are 6'11" - 2.1m long, thus will fit the longest berth or bunk bed. Simply cut the end off to suit the length. You are sure to find a clever use for the off cut. I have a bit on my driving seat and it ventilates beautifully.

Customer Feedback

"Excellent product! No mould now at all on underneath of mattress or the wooden slats. Recommend to anyone else who lives in a rather cold Park Home! or mobile home. Thanks very much."

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Motorhomes, yachts and caravans rarely have properly ventilated beds, or slats or any ventilation under the seat cushions which often double up as a mattress. Upholstered foam cushions normally lay directly on cold plywood or fiberglass causing perspiration to condense on the bottom of squabs or mattress. Mould and mildew soon grows and your upholstery is ruined, or at least smells musty and damp like an old mobile home.

Due to space and budget constraints, most new leisure vehicles still do not have adequate seat base ventilation. For example, my 2017 motorhome suffered terrible condensation build-up under the bed until I fitted BedAirer™ mattress underlay. You can see my comments in the product reviews.

Coir matting was the traditional material used to prevent condensation build-up in upholstery. The modern materials used, and the scientific construction of Bed Airer, significantly outperform coir mats in all aspects. BedAirer™ breather mat does not absorb moisture, have a memory, is very light weight, and can be machine washed at 60 degrees.

Too hot can’t sleep? For a cool dry night simply add a layer of BedAirer under you mattress protector or electric blanket. BedAirer™ dry mesh breather layer enables better sleep by reducing mattress humidity and heat build up.

Simply scissor to size, fit and forget. Fitting BedAirer™ is literally a snip, even around the most awkward seat bases in motorhomes, caravans, campervans and canal boats. Simply scissor to size, fit and forget. Cut flaps where access to lockers is required. If possible make the flap 20mm wider all round to allow for any underlay movement. Make a paper template for complicated shapes and curves. In the unlikely event that none of the pre-cut widths cannot be cut down to suit your bed, Email or phone Vicarious Media about BedAirer special sizes" contact us with exact measurements and we can cut the correct width.

Wear eye protection when cutting because some small fibers are liable to spring out.

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