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France Passion 2024 motorhome and campervan stopover scheme

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France Passion 2024 from Vicarious Books, Farm, vineyard and artisan stopovers for motorhomes and campervans.

Simply display the France Passion windscreen sticker and stay for free at 2200 motorhome sites in France. Packed with the guidebook is your membership in the format of a; 2024 windscreen sticker, membership card, fold out map, and a free code for the France Passion app and members area access. 2024 membership expires 9th April 2025 (the scheme is annually renewable).

Read our France Passion blog Top 5 Wine Free France Passion Motorhome Stopovers for your motorhome tour of France.

Is France Passion 2024 available in the UK? Yes from Vicarious Books Media

France Passion 2024 boasts 2200 free motorhome stopovers in France, where motorhomes and campervans can park safely for the night.

Relax and take the opportunity to explore the local area and try the local produce on offer. The scheme has motorhome parking in France at roughly 1000 farms, 800 vineyards, 400 local product artisans and farmhouse inns. There really is something for everyone!

France Passion is the perfect guidebook to make your own wine tours in all of the wine regions in France.

Are France Passion vineyards and farms open all year?

It is easy to see which stopovers are open or closed with the Free France Passion app which works as a complement to the Guidebook and members area website. Real time updated information is provided about the stopovers including any that are closed. The app also provides members with GPS access to the France Passion network including photos, GPS coordinates and member reviews...

Why choose France Passion?

The France Passion stopovers guide is your passport to France! You will be assured of quiet, undisturbed nights with a wide freedom of choice. You can be surrounded by magnificent scenery, at the water's edge, at the heart of a vineyard, or at the foot of a splendid château. Simply park and spend a worry-free night within the largest motorhome host network in France!

Try tasting Loire wines or organic cured meats in the Midi-Pyrenees, learning embroidery with lace makers or cooking in the Perigord, going fishing in the Lot or tasting Normandy ciders. Perhaps you'd prefer a guided motorhome tour down the Midi Canal, beer tasting in the north, hiking with llamas in the Southern Alps or perfuming yourself with asses' milk soap in the Jura.

Do I need to speak French to use France passion? Don't worry. Lots of hosts have indicated that they speak English, just look for the GB symbol in the entry. Also the guidebook is written in English.

More than just wine tasting...

The France Passion guide has more farmers than wine growers. These French farmers include: horse or donkey breeders offering rides on horseback or in a carriage, museum and art gallery owners whose collections feature antiques, paintings, tapestries and silks, beekeepers making a wide range of different honeys, organic farmers producing chestnuts, olive oil, fruit and vegetables... and a host of other surprises!

How does the France Passion scheme work?

The France Passion principle is simple: Motorhome owners displaying the France Passion sticker can stay overnight, or for 24 hours, free of charge at properties listed in the guidebook. Places cannot be reserved on stopovers; it's on a first come, first served basis. All that is necessary to enjoy this amazing stopover network is to remember to say 'Bonjour' and 'Au revoir'! Don't worry if your French isn't excellent, as many hosts have indicated that they speak English. In addition, nearly all of them can take motorhomes over 3.5 tons. Please note: Most France Passion sites do not have service points; you therefore you will need All the Aires France French Aires guide to complement your France Passion book.

Who can take part in the passion France scheme?

This scheme is only available to self-sufficient motorhomes and campervans and no facilities are provided. You may well need to use the excellent network of Aires in France to dump your waste, fill your water tanks and bin your rubbish. All the Aires France is invaluable as a guide to the aires and motorhome service points across France. The guide also lists Aires on French motorways.

How do you use France Passion?

The book is laid out with maps at the front, which are colour-coded by department and have all the stopovers marked on them. The listings are then laid out in numerical order by department number; the listings used to be colour-coded to match the mapping, but this is no longer the case. However, the beginning of each department's section has a small map showing the location of the department and the page number showing that area of mapping in the guide. Each listing includes the town name, the page number of the map, the map grid reference and the postcode for the town in the top bar.

France Passion entries are written in three languages: English, German and French. Directions are written similar to the following: Coming out of Vernou take the D46 Chateaurenault road. Go under the railway bridge and take the second road on the left (D62). GPS coordinates in format: N44.16607 E4.98871 and a contact telephone number are included in all listings.

Symbols denote how many pitches are available, any arrival/departure time restrictions, weight restrictions, languages spoken, closure dates and the type of stopover it is (i.e. farm, vineyard, craftsman). The products produced or sold on the premises are described in French. Some entries also have photos, although these are rarely of the parking areas.

How do I register my France Passion membership

Vicarious Books Media is the France Passion UK agents, not the publishers. France Passion, as part of the invitations scheme, requires us to send them your name and address for purposes of registration. Your commitment only goes as far as buying the guidebook and simply abiding by the invitations' rules. There will be no charge made for your overnight stay, and you are only required to display the current year's membership sticker in your window and say 'Hello' and 'Goodbye' when you arrive and depart.

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