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Provence lavender fields with France Passion motorhome parking at farm shop

See our 5 favourite France Passion 2018 camper sites that don't produce wine. You can taste Provence lavender honey, sugared almonds, apricots, self caught trout, and home grown pork.

How do you get rid of damp mouldy smells in old motorhomes and caravans

How do you get rid of the musty smell in motorhomes and caravans?

Old caravans/motorhomes often develop a musty smell because of poor design of the seat cushions and bases, which rarely have enough ventilation. Whilst you sleep moisture travels through the mattress and condenses on the base of the bed or slats, which enables mildew and mould growth.

Motorhome and Caravan Window Security to Lock M Out

Q. How long does it take to break in through caravan and motorhome windows? A. Less than 5 seconds without...

Christmas Markets to Visit this Noel-vember

Christmas markets may seem an obvious suggestion, but not all Christmas markets are alike. At one you can see the world's tallest nutcracker. At another you can witness Saint Nick taking a tumble from a tower! One is hosted on a tiny Christmas island and at yet another you can eat some 500-year-old cake!