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ACSI 2023 CampingCard discount camping scheme book and app image
ACSI CampingCard 2021 Discount Camping Europe european Scheme 9789492023698 france entries
ACSI CampingCard 2021 Discount Camping Europe european Scheme 9789492023698 spain entries
ACSI CampingCard 2019 Discount Camping Europe european Scheme 9789492023698 germany entry
ACSI CampingCard 2019 Discount Camping Europe european Scheme 9789492023698 mini atlas look inside
ACSI CampingCard 2023 Vicarious Books

ACSI CampingCard 2023 Vicarious Books

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2023 ACSI CampingCard EXPIRES 31st DECEMBER 2023 

Europe and Worldwide orders are taken on EBAY https://www.ebay.co.uk/usr/campingguides

You can Pre-Order 2024 Camping Card ACSI We will receive the 2024 ACSI books in mid December. 

How the Camping Card ACSI membership subscription works

ACSI membership subscription is actually misleading because you actually present a discount voucher, in the form of an ACSI Camping Card, to the campsite reception. You are then charged at one of the following 6 pre-determined night/pitch rates: €13, €15, €17, €19, €21 and €23. These are inclusive fees for 2 people, a car, a caravan/motorhome/tent, 6amp hook-up, VAT, a pet and use of showers. Additional small charges can be made by the campsite to cover tourist or environment taxes and waste disposal. The night rate is clearly displayed for every campsite in the ACSI camping books.

How do I buy the ACSI app?

The discount card has a numerical code printed on it which allows you to download the ACSI Camping Card app for a supplemental fee payable to ACSI themselves. Please note: We cannot offer any guidance or technical support with acquiring or using the ACSI app.

How to book ACSI campsites in advance

Some ACSI campsites allow you to book a pitch in advance. Look for facility 6-A in the ACSI guidebooks before pre-booking a campsite pitch. Normally you simply turn up on the day see what pitches are available. 

Annually Renewable CampingCard

The ACSI Camping Card scheme runs for the calendar year. The 2023 Camping Card expires on 31st December 2023.

There are 2742 discount camping sites in the 2023 ACSI scheme. 

  • Austria 64
  • Belgium 43
  • Croatia 76
  • Czech Republic 12
  • Denmark 71
  • France 1280
  • Germany 201
  • Greece 37
  • Hungary 4
  • Ireland 4
  • Italy 281
  • Luxembourg 19
  • Netherlands 294
  • Norway 11
  • Poland 6
  • Portugal 36
  • Slovenia 15
  • Spain 243
  • Sweden 27
  • Switzerland 17
  • UK 12

How to replace a lost or stolen CampingCard ACSI

ACSI CampingCard is not a traditional membership scheme and there are no membership numbers. You need to treat your CampingCard like cash because ACSI do not provide us with extra books or CampingCards to replace lost or stolen cards. You can replace your lost or stolen Camping Card ACSI here by purchasing another set of books.

Even if...

ACSI 2023 disaster

Motorhoming in Europe?

If you're travelling in a motorhome, make sure you take the latest edition of All the Aires for the countries you are planning on visiting. Motorhome stopover guides are available for France, Spain and Portugal, and Belgium, Luxembourg and the Netherlands.

If you're visiting several countries, Camperstop Europe or Bord Atlas may be better options as they both cover motorhome stopovers, some campsites, and farm and vineyard stops across Europe.

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