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Camperstop Europe 2024 cover from Vicarious books
CamperStop Europe 16th Edition Aires Stellplatze Sosta Motorhome Stopovers
CamperStop Europe 16th Edition Aires Stellplatze Sosta Motorhome Stopovers
CamperStop Europe 16th Edition Aires Stellplatze Sosta Motorhome Stopovers
CamperStop Europe 16th Edition Aires Stellplatze Sosta Motorhome Stopovers
CamperStop Europe 16th Edition Aires Stellplatze Sosta Motorhome Stopovers

CamperStop Europe 16th Edition Aires Stellplatze Sosta Motorhome Stopovers

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CamperStop Europe 2024 16th edition.  Postage just 50p

Camper Stop Europe English Edition was published by Facile Media March 2024. This is a must have glovebox guidebook for the adventurous who travel far and wide. The book  is simple directory of Aires de service in France, Stellplatze in Germany and Aree di Sosta in Italy, plus 27 other European countries that have motorhome stopovers, motorhome campsites, tolerated camper parking or service points for motorhomes. You also get 12 months app access worth €6.99 boasting more than 13500 camperstops all over Europe.

What's new for CamperStop 2024?

The new CamperStop guidebook is smaller than the previous A4 editions; (was 226x286mm now 170x240mm.) There are now 786 pages 24 more than the previous edition. The layout of the entries is the same but everything has been shrunk to fit the smaller page size. As a result the photos and text at quite small. 8941 stopovers quoted 2024 and 9580 in the previous edition. Shrinkflation?

Non UK sales sold via ebay who organise the customs on our behalf.

Are the Aires in CamperStop inspected? The data from the guides is updated every year. We have our own motorhome consultants, who drive all over Europe to check locations for us. We also receive information from motorhome owners and users of our products throughout the year. We also have people in our office who check locations remotely.

We also have comprehensive country specific motorhome guides for Aires in France, Nenelux, and Stellplats in Germany linked below.

All the Aires France

All the Aires Belgium, Luxembourg and the Netherlands

German Bord Atlas by Reise Mobil

How many Aires are there in Europe? Please note that the cover states 9580 motorhome stopovers, however, there are 7223 towns listed in the index. Multiple entries probably account for the discrepancy; for example Saint Malo in Brittany France has 5 Aires de services listed in Camperstop Europe. All the Aires France also has the Aires each with 2 photos, directions and candid descriptions so that you can choose the best Aire in Saint Malo for you. To put that into perspective; Camperstop has 165 pages of French Aires etc with approximately 14 per page; rough total 2320. All the Aires France has 3944 official Aires explained in detail over 630 pages.
Do look at the images for both books so that you can see for yourself.

Camperstop Europe 16th edition is the perfect book to have stored in your motorhome just in case find yourself somewhere you didn't expect to be. Although not as comprehensive as our country-specific guidebooks CamperStop has a good selection of motorhome stopovers throughout Europe.

Camperstops might be more commonly known as Aires, stopovers and sometimes, incorrectly, wild camping or motorhome campsites. These overnight motorhome parking areas are exclusively for motorhomes and campervans. CamperStop Europe is written in English and published by Dutch publisher, Facile Media.

Motorhome Aires
  • Albania
  • Austria
  • Bosnia-Herzegovina
  • Belgium
  • Croatia
  • Czech Republic
  • Denmark
  • Estonia
  • Finland
  • France
  • Germany
  • Greece
  • Hungary
  • Ireland
  • Italy
  • Latvia
  • Lithuania
  • Luxembourg
  • Montenegro
  • The Netherlands
  • Norway
  • Poland
  • Portugal
  • Romania
  • Slovakia
  • Slovenia
  • Spain
  • Sweden
  • Switzerland
  • UK

How to use Camperstop Europe

Guidebook format

Following the introduction 98 pages of maps with index show and tell you the location of the aires in Europe and their corresponding entry page number. Stopovers are identified on the maps with a red dot adjacent to their town name. We counted 7223 town names in the indexes located below the maps and in the alphabetical index at the back. Both indexes include symbols next to the town name to show at a glance what type of motorhome stopover/s are there. Brief information is provided at the start of each country section. Capital City, Population, Landmass, Dialling codes, Emergency numbers, Currency, Bank holidays, and some parking restrictions or wild camping regulations.

Camperstop listings

Camperstop listings start with a coloured block detailing the type of motorhome stopover, town name and map reference (map number followed by grid reference). They then detail the address, GPS coordinates in the format: n52,39185 e7,05025 as well as an accompanying photo for most listings. There are no directions for any listings.

A few descriptive words may be given as 'Remarks' at the end of the listing (i.e. Automatic bred distributor.). The guide lists the number of parking spaces and cost of services and many entries now have a brief description of the type of location (i.e. quiet, rural) and the parking surface (i.e. gravel). This is followed by opening times and distances to useful facilities identified by symbols (restaurants, town centre). Some entries also have supporting tourist information, which may include museums, markets, buildings, etc. (i.e. 'Modern port city and seaside resort with casino and horse race track'). Postcodes are not supplied in this publication.

Type of motorhome Stopovers detailed in CamperStop Europe

Camperstop divides the stopovers into 13 types, including Aires (official motorhome areas), tolerated parking areas (discussed below), campsites, restaurants, farms marinas and commercial or tourist destinations.

"Overnight parking tolerated" areas all over Europe

Camperstop also includes many "overnight parking tolerated" areas. These stopovers can be very convenient, free and in idyllic locations; but as they are unofficial, they should not be relied upon for your late night destination.

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