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Italian Aree di Sosta CamperLife 2018

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Produced in June 2018 by the Italian motorhome club CamperLife IT. Aree di Sosta is the most comprehensive guide book (in pamphlet format) available for Italian Aires - motorhome stopovers. Although Aires are primarily for motorhomes, in Italy it is possible for caravans to stay at 292 sites. These are marked in the guide with a caravan symbol.

Written in Italian - We have created a small insert, translating the key to English on one side and a Regions map on the other. This helps navigate with this guide more efficiently.

The look inside pictures show a typical double page of Italian Aires. You will see that there is a little text about the camper stopover only.

2311 Italian Aires

  • 1432 Aree Attrezzata - Designated motorhome Aires
  • 811 Tolerated parking areas that are not designated specifically for motorhomes
  • 68 Italian motorhome service points
  • 292 Caravans accepted sites
  • Colour-coded map of regions correlating to the sections of the book

The guide is a 160 page stapled  pamphlet, making it very lightweight and easy to use. There are three categories: motorhome Aires, tolerated motorhome parking and service areas. There are no Italian campsites or Agriturismo stopovers. 

How Sosta Camper Italy works

This Italy camperstop guidebook is split into the 20 Italian regions, including motorhome Aires in Sicily and stopovers in Sardinia. The motorhome sites are listed alphabetically by nearest town name within each region. Details of the Aire are conveyed by symbols including whether the Aire is pay 'a pagamento'. The entry listings sometimes include how many motorhomes are accepted.

There is basic information about each motorhome stopover including type, ambience/location and service facilities conveyed by symbols. GPS coordinates and street names are given for each stopover.  A brief description in Italian provides further in information. We have inserted a key of symbols in English.

The approximate location of the Italian motorhome Aires are shown on atlas-style mapping at the back of the guide (scale 1:1,150,000). The types of camperstops are identified by a color-coded symbol. A colour-coded regional map is included by Vicarious to aid the understanding of the mapping.

How to use the mapping in Aree di Sosta

Unfortunately, unlike the All the Aires guides, there is no easy way of linking the dots on the mapping to the entries in the book as the publishers don’t provide town names or numbers for each dot. For ease of use, you will need to use the book in conjunction with an Italy atlas or with an online map.

As an example, if you were looking for Aires around Lake Como, you’d use the printout we provided to discern that Lake Como is in Lombardia region. The regional index on the last page shows that listings in Lombardia start on page 20 and the section is grey. If you turn to page 20 you will see a grey tab on the top of the page that says Lombardia, and further down you will see a purple bar that says Bergamo. The listings within each section are alphabetical by major town name, so turn the page until you find Como, which is on page 24.

You can find Como on the first page of the mapping at the back in grid reference D2. The 2 red dots on the map relate to the 2 Como entries on page 24.


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